Our privacy policy has been updated for the EU's new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR). By continuing to use Followers Chief app after May 25th, you agree to our updated privacy policy.


The terms followers chief or "we" or "us" or "our" or any grammatical variations of the preceding words refer to followers chief. The terms "you" or "your" refer to the client/customer or to users of any of the interfaces (including but not limited to websites and emails) provided by followers chief. followers chief' Privacy Policy shall apply to the information obtained via our website(s), through emails, through information obtained through third parties and shall govern our behavior related to all services offered by us. But this document shall not curtail followers chief’s right to publish privacy policies specifically corresponding to one or more services. Queries regarding our Privacy Policy can be sent through any mode of communication specified by us in any of our interfaces. We never share your password with any third party or store it in any of our servers. All this information is stored locally on your android device and is deleted permanently as soon as you log out or uninstall the app.

Information Collection and Usage

We are collecting general device data like device model, android version model, device specific identifier and app info related to where and how crash happened for our crash reports. Information provided by you. You shall be required to give certain information while accessing our website, communicating with us through other means, making use of our services. Owing to the nature of our service it shall be mandatory on your part to provide some specific details. Not providing us with certain information might act to your detriment. We might choose not to provide you our offering in case you fail or refuse to provide us with the information we need. The information includes but is not limited to your name, your email id(s), user id for other websites and corresponding passwords and any other information required to provide you with our assistance efficiently.

Statutory Requirements

followers chief could release customer information if required to do so by law. Besides, followers chief holds the rights to share customer information with law enforcement agencies for maintenance of law and order, protection from fraud etc. We cannot be held liable for sharing any information of our clients or users of our interface.

Security of Information

followers chief makes use of sound practices like data encryption, installing firewall etc to ensure that customer information is not misused or accessed without authority. Steps shall be undertaken by followers chief to ensure that customer information is not altered or destroyed to the detriment of its clients. followers chief shall not be held liable for loss of data or any unauthorized access to the client information stored by us

Other websites and Servers

Third party web sites may use certain technology to send the content of our web site, to process payments for the purchase of services on our web site etc. In addition, third parties may host the servers that deliver our hosted services to our clients. They may automatically receive your IP address when you visit our website or communicate with us through other means. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that third parties may have, and the information practices of these third party web sites or servers are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We might make suitable amendments to its Privacy Policy. We shall endeavor to make our users/clients aware of these amendments by. It is expected that users of our web pages or our clients read our Privacy Policy regularly to make themselves aware of any amendments made to our Privacy Policy. followers chief shall not be liable for any delay in the in publication of the amended Privacy Policy.